Flat Work

  Michael's incredible, artistic talents are not limited to carving. Whether it’s on paper or canvas, he also creates “flat-work.” He uses his flat-work as a forward thinking process that helps him tell a story or scene involving waterfowl and other wildlife without stating a single word. It helps him to convey a moment giving people the knowledge and the awareness of what the world has to offer beyond their backyard. His art transcends language that allows people to truly live in that particular time – feeling the air temperature, smelling the outdoors, holding those binoculars, etc.  Like a silent movie, through his paintings or sketches, Michael has the gift of expressing his love and adoration for the sport of waterfowling and hunting.  From intricate and life-like decoy designs, to fully painted historical scenes, Michael shares his passion with the world by one pencil or brush stroke at a time.

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